Men's Vest HeartMate for the HeartMate battery

No more pain in the shoulders and back, no more baggy syndrome! The battery pockets are designed in such a way that they protect against the heat of the batteries through the use of a special insulation layer and an airbag.


White, Black




92% spanex, 8% cotton

78,30 $

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Silver Woman's LVAD Tank Top for the HeartMate battery


84,39 $

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Case for controller HeartMate


49,40 $

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Why is it worth having our product?

We offer comfortable accessories that provides lvad patients with extra safety, comfort and freedom in everyday life. Our T-shirts and vests for HeartMate are equipped with side pockets, specially designed to accommodate lvad batteries. The LVAD shirt/vest material has been designed and made of a light, durable and breathable fabric (92% spandex, 8% cotton) for versatility and discretion in either wearing it as a shirt or an under clothing garment.

In addition to t-shirts/vests in our ever developing range of products, now we can also offer case for HeartMate, to safely house a pump controller around your waist. We also have belt with bags for HeartWare patients. All our products have an insulating layer that protects against the heat of the battery. Your comfort and safety is our priority!


Insulating layer

The HeartMate battery pocket created by LvadLine has a special insulation layer which, in combination with an additional air pocket, minimizes negative sensations.


The battery will not fall out

Our shirts equipped with pockets with hooks in which you can safely hide accumulators / batteries, and at the same time distribute the load evenly.


No more pains

The bag with the LVAD set worn over the shoulder creates a constant pressure on the neck muscles and puts stress on the spine. In LvadLine T-shirts, the batteries are kept in the pockets of the shirt and the controller is secured in a case, attached on the belt.


Guarantee of quality

My name is Agnieszka I would like to offer you T-shirts and accessories that make life easier with LVAD.

about-person It all started with my husband who is a Vad Coordinator. Thanks to him, I met a couple patients with left ventricular heart failure. Chance meetings evolved into friendships and together we created the VAD Polska Association. Working in the Association, I kept hearing complaints regarding the limitations related to an implanted heart pump. The LVAD gear tends to warm up and is usually kept in a bag. The bag is a subject of many anecdotes. It is also every LVAD's biggest nightmare. You have to constantly remind yourself about it and secure it in order not to pull the driveline. Did you know that most serious problems are caused by dropping the kit bag? This way of carrying the LVAD kit / pack also has a negative effect on the spine. The constant strain on one shoulder causes headaches and pathologies of the spine.

The question "how to wear the LVAD?" popped up at every meeting. We have been looking for various solutions for a long time now, in order to make life with the pump easier. We tested various products that were already on the market and have always found some fault. Finally, we thought "who would understand us and do it better than us?". This is how LVADLINE was created. What we offer is a compromise between safety and ease of use. This is the result of our search for the ultimate comfort of life with batteries and a VAD controller.

Our products were created in close cooperation with hospital physiotherapists, clothing constructors and patients. We have created accessories for people with an implanted HeartMate or HeartWare system. This is the result of many hours of discussions, trial sews and tests to solve the problem of wearing a LVAD. Free your hands and take the pressure off your spine.

about-old-person Our lvadshirt T-shirts have been in your homes since 2016. They were bought by LVAD patients or caregivers from 29 countries around the world. We aim to take care of your comfort and that is why we have a rented box  in the USA, for possible exchanges or returns.
At LVADLINE, we are expanding the existing lvadshirt offer and adding new life-changing products for people with an implanted heart pump. We create accessories, i.e. lvad t-shirts, lvad vests, heartmate tanktops, driver cases, belts with battery packs for HeartMate and HeartWare users that guarantee a sense of confidence, comfort and peace for many years. We also offer covers for the driveline.
We have a special edition LVAD T-shirts for the HeartMate System, with a silver antimicrobial coating. These shirts are especially recommended during the period after the implantation of a heart pump and in case of infections of the driveline outlet.
Many of you have asked for a version of our LVAD T-shirts with a pocket for the controller - they are now available.

The pump supporting the work of the heart is a chance to improve your life. LVAD is a sort of bridge to heart transplantation, but not everyone decides to undergo this operation. The assisted quality of life can be very good indeed. There are of course some disadvantages, such as not being able to swim or having to plan your vacation with electricity in mind. The pros, however, outweigh the cons. I know many patients with LVAD - full of life, professionally active, traveling around the world. LVAD means new possibilities and with LvadLine life becomes even easier.

How does LvadLine work?
We design and test all products for many weeks. We test and check their capabilities and properties. We wouldn't recommend anything we are not certain of. We apply particular emphasis to isolating the body from the heat generated by the batteries and the controller. We are constantly researching various insulation materials.
LVADLINE puts your needs first; that's why we deliver products all over the world using FedEx services. We guarantee fast shipping. You gain peace of mind knowing that your LVAD problems will be resolved quickly.
We use trusted payment processing systems. We offer the recognized VeriSign payment technology and accept payments by credit and debit cards and via PayPal. Now you have the convenience to pay any way you like and can rest assured that your information is safe.